Our Second Year at Black is Tech: Workshop Recap

Attending Black Is Tech for the Second Year

GumGum attended Black Is Tech for the second year and we wanted to use this space to share a bit about our experience. One of our global social impact pillars as a company is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and our goal in attending the conference was to to meet and engage with Black talent, showcase GumGum’s company culture and tech innovations and speak to our commitment to doing better in advancing Black representation within our company. 

What is Black Is Tech?

Black Is Tech is a platform that connects Black tech professionals, students and entrepreneurs and provides access to resources for growth and development for these groups. There were over 20,000 attendees this year, with in-person and virtual programming available. Speakers ranged from experts at Meta and LinkedIn, to Bloomberg and Microsoft, with topics across the digital technology landscape. This year was the conference’s fifth year with a full return of in-person programming. We were thrilled to attend Black Is Tech again for the second year and host a technical workshop on The Mindset Platform™: GumGum’s Vision for the Future of Digital Advertising. 

Alt Text: Three GumGum Employees Meet in Person at Tech Conference in Atlanta

Our technical workshop was held in-person at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia and was led by our CTO Ken Weiner, our VP of Integration & Business Assurance TJ Albert and our Senior Technical Writer, David Parker. The workshop focused on being an intro to GumGum and the technologies powering its mindset-first digital advertising strategies. Our session was one of the most highly attended with about 55 people actively engaged throughout the workshop. Attendees not only got to have hands-on experience with our API for our accredited contextual intelligence platform, Verity™, but they also got to connect with Ken, TJ and Parker for an hour after the workshop ended. Being the last workshop of the day has its perks (like having an hour after to connect with people on a deeper level)! The team was really excited to share more about The Mindset Platform™, GumGum’s platform for the future of digital advertising that combines the powerful combination of context, creative, and attention technologies to tap into the active mindset of a consumer. 

Hear more about Ken, TJ, and Parker’s experience hosting the workshop at Black Is Tech:

Alt Text: TJ Albert Headshot Wearing Black Blazer Against White Background

"This year’s Black Is Tech Conference left me feeling inspired! Our workshop was met with high levels of connection and meaningful engagement. It’s truly gratifying to witness this momentum seamlessly transition onto LinkedIn, accompanied by an increase in people actively seeking opportunities at GumGum. I look forward to next year's conference!"

Alt Text: Ken Weiner In Person Experiences at the Black is Tech Conference in Specialized Workshops

“Leading the workshop at the Black Is Tech conference was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Having the opportunity to share GumGum's mission with the vibrant community of Black Americans was a privilege. The participants were highly engaged and together, we delved into a dynamic discussion about the intricate relationship between context and ad placement within movie scenes. Black Is Tech provided a platform for meaningful exchange and I'm grateful to have contributed to expanding horizons and sparking insightful conversations.”

Alt Text: David Park at the Georgia World Congress Center for In Person Events at the Conference

“BIT 2k23 was a fantastic experience due to the diverse range of people I engaged with and the conference presentations surpassing my expectations. Meeting active military personnel, federal employees and attendees from various professional backgrounds was a pleasant surprise. I particularly liked that the presentations went beyond highlighting DEIB issues and instead concentrated on offering solutions to workplace inequities.”

Plus, Ken’s mentee through The Boyd Initiative joined the team for a dinner in Atlanta, where she is based! 

Alt Text: Ken and Mentee Meet in Person for the Black is Tech Special Events

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