Tips & Tricks to Win Advertising Business in a Cookieless World

In a new 4A’s webinar, industry leaders from GumGum, Dentsu and UM discuss how clients should begin to think about the future of digital advertising. With audience tracking on the decline, the emergence of new digital environments and the overall saturation of the ad ecosystem, find out how you can reach the right people

GumGum CEO, Phil Schraeder sat down with Dentsu’s Akash Jaraith and UM’s Ivy Cheung for a new 4A’s webinar on how to face digital advertising, without personal data. Here are some tips, tricks and best practices to keep in mind when forming your next digital strategy:

Pay Attention to Consumer Mindset

The main tenet of digital advertising moving forward is understanding a consumer’s mindset and where they are, instead of relying on personal data. 

Use Contextual Technology to Understand Digital Environments

It’s important to gain a comprehensive and robust overview of what digital environments people are engaged in and the type of devices they are using. This will give you insight into consumer mindset and inform your target audience, instead of using behavioral data with a built in target audience already in place. 

For example, if you are looking to target a woman in a certain state looking to buy a car - Yes, you can target automotive content online, but what about her mindset? Is she going through a particular life change? What is she thinking about in that present moment? 

Measure and Track the Right Data Responses

As people are bombarded with thousands of ads everyday, measure and track those messages that are catching attention. Viewability and CTR is becoming a poor proxy to measure success - instead, focus on data responses that are more aligned with grabbing consumer attention.

For example, GumGum partnered with MAGNA Media Trials to test the impact of consumer mindset in contextual targeting. The results proved that mindset resulted in positive lift all across the board, from search intent to brand favorability and recommendation intent. 

Align Creative with Content in CTV

Use contextual intelligence to match the mood of a particular scene within content and then serve the ad immediately following the scene. Creative is now less about advertising and more about consumer engagement and building an emotional connection. 

For example, if there is a scene with a happy, positive car ride through beautiful scenery, serve an automotive ad messaging following the scene. This will cause people to connect the automotive brand with joy and positivity. 

Establish Consumer Attention as the New Metric

While the industry has been relying on viewability as the metric of success, start to think about consumer attention as the new proxy. With more research about consumer attention, we will be able to figure out what level of attention reaps what level of results in accordance with different verticals. With these insights, we will be able to act in real time and help make campaigns more successful. 

Build First-Party Relationships

First-hand information about consumers is extremely valuable. Build first-party relationships to understand who your customers are, and then use contextual intelligence to tap into their mindsets and serve them ads which align with their interests. 

Watch the full webinar recording here.

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