How Verity™ is Prime for New Digital Environments like CTV and OLV

We Continue Our Conversation with Lane About How GumGum’s Contextual Tech Sets Itself Apart from Other Providers

With the emergence of new digital environments like CTV and OLV, advertisers and publishers have a golden opportunity to reach audiences in new ways. We continue our conversation with Director of Product, Verity™, Lane Schechter, about how GumGum’s contextual expertise can be applied to such environments and prove to be beneficial to advertisers and publishers alike. 

Why is Verity™ useful for advertisers?

Verity™ enables advertisers to reach people through the alignment of their brand messaging with contextually relevant, brand safe content, without the usage of personal identifiable information (PII). Studies, like the recently published Mindset Matters, in partnership with MAGNA Global, exemplify the positive brand impact that gets unlocked when messaging and content are aligned to reach people in the moment that matters– in the right mindset. Verity™ makes that possible without the need for cookies or PII. 

Why is Verity™ useful for publishers?

Verity™ provides publishers independently verified and accredited content-level contextual enrichment of their inventory. Publishers can couple these industry-standard, yet highly granular contextual and brand safety signals with their own first-party data to curate unique inventory packages. On top of that, Verity™ gives Publishers an automated, consistent, and globally scalable mechanism to make use of standardized taxonomies when tagging editorial content. Another benefit is that Verity™ gives Publishers insights into the potential threatening topics appearing in their content that may get flagged as unsafe for brands, which can result in certain pieces of content becoming less monetizable.

How do you see Verity™ being applied to emerging digital environments such as CTV and In-Game?

A really special quality inherent in Verity™ is that it was designed with environment agnosticity in mind. Digital environments, be them emerging (CTV, In-Game, metaverse) or legacy (pages, OLV), are a combination of audio, textual, and visual elements. Verity™ is powered by a combination of computer vision and natural language processing technologies operating at the content-level across all of these mediums, giving it the fortunate advantage of being able to make viable inferences in any environment where these signals are available. 

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