How Will You Reach Voters? A Comprehensive Guide to Political Advertising Across OLV and CTV

How to Leverage GumGum’s Contextual Expertise, High-Impact Campaigns and Premium Publisher Inventory to Reach Voters

With midterm elections upcoming this November, it’s time for political advertisers to make a big impact. Here’s a quick, comprehensive guide to GumGum’s political offerings that will empower you to reach voters and boost results.

GumGum delivers effective, turn key display and video executions that drive persuasion and motivation, while amplifying “get out the vote” (GOTV) messaging through high-impact outstream video, in-stream pre-roll video, and Connected TV (CTV) advertising.

High-Impact Display & Outstream Video Targeting

GumGum’s high-impact display and outstream ad offerings target voters in four different ways:


GumGum can target voters by state and zip codes of congressional districts. 

Audience Targeting:

GumGum can target voters by any demographic, behavioral or political affiliation via L2, ALC, DLX and Exelate.

Contextual Targeting:

GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, VerityTM, can target voters by aligning candidates’ messages with relevant content about issues, causes and topics that people are researching and looking into while making their voting decisions.

First-Party List Targeting:

GumGum can target voters by using your first-party list that is easily transferable via LiveRamp/Lotame.

In-stream Video Targeting

With 82% of U.S households currently using CTV devices and political ad spend in CTV jumping to $1.2 billion in 2022 (Kantar), it is no surprise that advertisers are looking to in-stream video to deliver their political messaging. Now more than ever, political advertisers need to be running online video (OLV) and CTV ads. 

That’s where GumGum comes in! GumGum can reach voters with in-stream videos, such as pre-roll and CTV, through VerityTM Video PMPs. 

Learn more about VerityTM Video PMPs.

VerityTM, GumGum’s contextual intelligence platform, can target users in contextually-relevant environments, in real-time, without the use of any personal data. You can choose from a vast list of contextually-relevant categories and layer on brand safety and suitability segments to create a powerful, robust and successful campaign strategy for your political messaging. GumGum's threat categories align with GARM's Brand Safety Floor, helping you avoid content that's not suitable for your campaign.


GumGum’s relevant IAB categories include:

Politics, Elections, Political Issues, Political Events, War and Conflicts, Government Support and Welfare, Financial Crisis, Crime, Reproductive Health and much more. [All of GumGum’s threat categories align with GARM’s Brand Safety Floor.]


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