Introducing the VOICE Coalition

Introducing the VOICE Coalition (Values, Opportunity, Inclusivity, Culture & Equity)

GumGum’s VOICE Coalition launched in 2021 with a mission to build an equitable, supportive and inclusive culture where all voices are heard and all differences are celebrated through thoughtful, engaging and authentic programming and community involvement. The coalition is the primary platform that leads GumGum’s DEIB efforts through the amplification of all voices, especially those that are underrepresented in our communities to foster safe spaces, education and allyship.

What VOICE Members Have to Say

“I joined GumGum in early 2022 and the VOICE has been by far my favorite aspect of GumGum, and the most rewarding part of being here. GumGum is a great place to work (not perfect, of course, and there’s still work to be done) and the VOICE is a large part of what makes us so successful. It’s inspiring to work alongside such a passionate and diverse community of folks who care deeply about making a difference and positive impact. I can’t wait to see the coalition continue to grow, push forward change and collaborate with Leadership and others at GumGum.”

- Kayla Smalls, VOICE Coalition member
“When I started at GumGum, I reached out to the VOICE Coalition, expressing my interest in joining, and received a warm welcome from the team! Since then, have been involved in many exciting projects and even spearheaded a month of events for the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month earlier this year.

Here at GumGum, I feel a strong sense of belonging through the connections I have made from the previously mentioned endeavors. I know that my passion for continuing to grow both as a Solutions Engineer and as an individual within the company will be well-received. I am assured that I will be provided with the resources required and presented with the right opportunities needed to accomplish great things here at my home with GumGum!”

- Kevin Nguyen, VOICE Coalition member
"The VOICE has been providing immeasurable benefits to diverse employees and their allies. I’ve been in the advertising industry for over 20+ years and I have never worked for an organization that shows true empathy and support to their employees like GumGum."

- Max Ramírez, VOICE Coalition member

Why is Diversity So Important in the Workplace?

Leadership Thrives on Diverse Perspectives

A diverse workforce serves as a stepping-stone for inspiring action and driving success in the remarkably diverse world we live in today. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2019 analysis on gender diversity, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile: It’s undeniably true that diversity within a workforce strengthens performance. Below is the research to support the importance of diversity within executive teams:

The Business Case for Diversity Among Executive Teams

Beyond the leadership at the top, varying experiences, perspectives and voices bring new ideas, solutions and strategies to the table, which in turn improve the overall output of a company. In fact, the only real way to market to a diverse audience is through supporting and amplifying the different perspectives of employees working together.

Employees Seek Out Companies with Mindful DEIB Policies in Place

A 2021 CNBC Survey found that the majority of job seekers want to work at companies with strong and impactful DEIB policies where they see themselves represented. According to the research, employees want to be able to grow and gain upward mobility without having to compromise who they are. Plus, when employees feel welcomed and accepted in their work environments, they are more likely to excel, driving innovation, resilience and success for their clients.

At GumGum, we believe in cultivating an environment where our team members can bring their authentic, whole selves to work. This we believe is the backbone to our success and longevity as a contextual leader in the advertising industry. We are committed to building and delivering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce that is representative of the world around us.

To learn more about the GumGum culture, please click here.

DEIB Builds a Mission Driven Culture that Engages Employees

Creating and executing strong DEIB policies is a collaborative effort within a company where every member has a stake: Coming together to develop and build such policies toward a common goal helps to build a mission-driven culture where employees feel responsible for the company’s success. This leads to higher accountability, engagement and interest from all the stakeholders - no matter if they are working in office, remotely or contractually within an organization.

DEIB Efforts Increases Employee Retention

Undoubtedly, organizations that focus on DEIB initiatives build a workplace that is more welcoming, open and representative of the global world around us. This creates an atmosphere where employees feel valued, heard and appreciated, which in turn reduces turnover rates and increases employee retention.

Creates a Cycle of Talent Mobility that Benefits All Employees

Illustration of Talent Mobility in a Workplace

Leadership which actively supports employees of different backgrounds who may not have the same privilege as others will help them grow their careers and learn new skills. As those employees progress through their career path, they’ll give back by mentoring others - creating a cycle of education, success and talent mobility.

VOICE Programs & Initiatives

Through the work of the VOICE, People Experience and Operations teams, we’ve organized around 130 different events since 2021 spanning from listening circles in response to social injustice like hate crimes against Asians, anti-semitic hate crimes, and the fall of Roe v. Wade; cultural classes led by Leadership such as an empanada making class using a family recipe; and marching as a company alongside our CEO at the LA Pride and Amsterdam Pride.

GumGum Marched in the LA Pride Parade

Image Illustrating GumGum’s Pride Parade

On Sunday, June 12th 2022 LA-area GumGummers, joined by family and friends, celebrated and supported the LGBTQIA+ community by marching in the historic LA Pride Parade for the first time in GumGum history!

GumGum Celebrates Black History Month in the UK

GumGum Celebrates Black History Month

To commemorate Black History Month in the UK and several other European countries this October, GumGum teamed up with a range of UK & European Black Owned Businesses to support knowledge and growth. Our programming included a music evolution tour, panel discussions and book club shining light on Black authors.

Ringing in the New Lunar Year

Dumpling Making Class at GumGum

GumGummers brought in the Lunar New Year together via a virtual Chinese dumpling-making class where they made dumplings from scratch and learned about the traditions of the Lunar New Year from their Beijing-based instructor Sunflower Li. Overall the experience was a great learning opportunity and a chance for GumGummers to meet new team members and reconnect with familiar faces.

Looking Ahead

We’re so excited to continue to grow the VOICE Coalition and continue to create meaningful impact within GumGum, the tech industry and the world at large. DEIB is not something that can only be thought of occasionally, and it cannot be something that is done without continued agility, thoughtfulness and grit. And next year we’re doubling down on our efforts to ensure that GumGum is a place where every single person feels welcomed, included and valued.

We have big ideas, big goals and big plans and are thrilled to have spent the second half of 2022 challenging each other, including Leadership, to do and be better. GumGum’s social impact work has always been ad hoc without holistic buy-in or resources, but always with heart and intentionality. This is changing and in 2023, our social impact will be a core business strategy, including DEIB. We’re developing strategies to encourage fellowship, career and personal development and growth, and creating a space to celebrate diverse voices across the world. Because ultimately, businesses driven by purpose and people are the most successful inside and out.

To create true change and transformation with DEIB requires all hands on deck across a business. The VOICE Coalition is composed of passionate and inspired GumGummers, and we can’t wait to continue to drive action, change and education across the company and integrate DEIB into every facet of our business and strategies. It’s going to take work. A lot of it. But this work is some of the most important work that can be done, and we’re ready to tackle any obstacles or challenges we might face as we continue on our learning journeys to be a better company and leader in the tech industry.

Stay tuned for 2023 – we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

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